Crooked Invitation

Crooked Timber

Noah Millman | Gideon's Substack | 23rd October 2023

On being called Noah. A dvar Torah. As a Noah you start life with thousands of years of Judaic and Biblical culture at your back. In your infancy everybody gives you toy animals and you "relate to them a bit differently". The older you get, the more enigmatic your forebear appears. After impressing God with his virtue, and saving the animal kingdom from destruction, he gets blind drunk (2,100 words)

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Invitation To A Colonoscopy

Dynomight | Asterisk Magazine | 26th October 2023

A masterclass in interpreting clinical data. American doctors perform some 15 million colonoscopies each year at an average cost of $3,000 apiece. In Europe, meanwhile, a huge clinical trial finds that colonoscopies have little or no effect on mortality rates. American doctors say the trial is wrong, the methodology is flawed, Europeans are different. Are they right, or self-interested, or both? (4,500 words)

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