Crypto Diaries

Crypto, The Left, And Techno-Feudalism

Evgeny Morozov | Crypto Syllabus | 26th January 2022

Transcript of a conversation with Yanis Varoufakis, economist and former Greek finance minister. Interesting throughout. He sees little subversive potential in NFTs although "a good, future, liberal techno-communist society" might find some administrative use for them. The Gold Standard is a good historical pattern for Bitcoin. The blockchain alone will not end capitalism (9,444 words)

You Shall Be What You Are

Rafael Chirbes & Adrian Nathan West | Baffler | 28th February 2022

Translated extract from the diaries of Spanish writer Rafael Chirbes, who died in 2015. It deals with a school reunion, a gathering of the surviving members of Chirbes' class at the Franco-era boarding school for the orphan sons of railway workers that he attended after his father died. The ageing faces around him are a shock; but not as startling as the absences of those already gone (3,121 words)

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