Culture Growth

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Consumed In The Culture

Emma Quackenbush | Van | 16th March 2022

Orchestras are in need of human resources departments. As described here, these artistic institutions sound uniquely designed as dysfunctional workplaces, with musicians expected to offer up their most vulnerable facets to make good music while navigating a rigid contractual environment. Steeped in tradition, orchestras are slow to change and toxicity, once introduced, keeps building (2,376 words)

Personal Growth

Marina Benjamin | Granta | 11th March 2022

Essay about childhood memory — in this case, as a child who didn't grow and hated food — and the unreliability of memoir. "What concerns me is the rather too neat idea that memory is something that floats up intact from the murky past, like some archaeological find you’ve unearthed and off which you merely have to brush the dirt... All this organic indeterminacy makes memory troubling" (5,615 words)

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