Debt Man

Credit-Card Debt Collection

Patrick McKenzie | Bits About Money | 11th August 2023

It isn't your bank that's chasing you. The median US credit-card default of around $750 is too small to hold any big bank's attention for long. The bad debt gets rolled into a spreadsheet of bad debts, which gets sold at five cents on the dollar to a debt-collector, who bombards penniless people with empty threats in the hope of striking lucky. A miserable business. But do you have a better way? (5,500 words)

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from The Browser thirteen years ago:

A Well-Travelled Man

Simon Calder | Independent | 4th September 2010

Interview with veteran travel journlist and national treasure Alan Whicker. Every sentence a gem. "Papa Doc was never vile to me." "I am pleased to say I have hardly ever been shot." When his death was incorrectly announced in the press while he was serving as a war correspondent in career, he sent the following telegraph of correction: "Unkilled. Uninjured. Onpressing" (2,060 words)

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