Punish Fair

Why Not Punish Families?

Bryan Caplan | Bet On It | 1st August 2023

A provocation from Bryan Caplan, who loves to tease because he knows it pleases. If systematically punishing criminals' families works to deter crime, should we do it? It may feel wrong; but if it deters greater wrongs, it is right. Caplan erects this straw man in order to knock it down with a counter-argument at least as shonky, that punishment should be retributive rather than deterrent (1,027 words)

From The Browser Twelve Years Ago

Pablo Fanque's Fair

Mike Dash | Smithsonian | 8th September 2011

When John Lennon wandered into an antique shop near Sevenoaks and found a circus bill advertising a show "for the benefit of Mr Kite" at Rochdale in 1843, Sgt Pepper took wings and Pablo Fanque took an encore. Born to African parents in Norwich, Fanque was the finest horsemen of his day. His circus, where William Kite was star acrobat, played to packed houses for 30 years (3,300 words)

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