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Merriam Webster | 28th September 2023

A useful update. Some of these words and phrases are familiar to me — stagiaire, last mile, kayfabe. Some I vaguely recognise — TFW, rotoscope, jorts. Some I see here for the first time, among them zhuzh (a small improvement); cromulent (satisfactory); nurdle (a small plastic pellet); nerf (to reduce the effectiveness of something); nyctinasty (movement by a plant in response to light) (1,900 words)

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An Invitation To A Secret Society

Adam Mastroianni | Experimental History | 20th July 2023

Do science. You don't need anybody's permission. Most great scientists have been dabblers and part-timers. Institutions and corporations monopolised science in the 20th century because they alone could build bombs and run clinical trials. But now the tools of science are cheap again and knowledge is almost free. "I hereby invite every curious human to do science and post it on the internet" (3,100 words)

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