Ethical Bagel

Readers in New York are invited to join us next Saturday, October 7th for an interactive experience at Olfactory Art Keller, an unusual gallery devoted to smells. There will be prizes for best nosing; book your spot here.

There’s No Such Thing As An Ethical Museum

Cara Marsh Sheffler | Conversationalist | 14th September 2023

The act of curation by an institution, it is argued here, distorts the subject. Even when there is no questionable funding behind a museum, it cannot be considered a definitive catalogue. "No matter how intricate or well researched a palimpsest — at any cultural institution — it will never solve the problem of perspective. We can never escape ourselves or the times in which we live" (1,760 words)

Bagel Or Beigel?

Josh Glancy | Jewish Chronicle | 21st September 2023

There is an intriguing linguistic divide in the British Jewish community between those who say bagel ("baygel") and those who prefer beigel ("bye-gal"). The bagel belt runs from St John’s Wood to Hendon, while the land of beigel takes in all of Essex, Ilford and Redbridge, Southgate and parts of outer north London. Using the latter is "an indicator of proximity to the old Jewish East End" (850 words)

However you say it, enjoy The Browser with your bread-based goods. The full Browser sends five outstanding articles, a video and a podcast daily - for less than the cost of a bagel a week.

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