Direwolf Remembrance

London readers are warmly invited to join us for our next walking tour, on Saturday 3rd September. In 'Toe Rags and Tenterhooks', we'll explore how centuries of City of London trade, culture, and traditions left their colourful mark on the English language.

Art, Mourning, Remembrance

Hayley Campbell | Literary Hub | 24th August 2022

Conversation with Nick Reynolds, Britain's only sculptor of death masks, whose subjects have included Peter O'Toole, Malcolm McLaren, Ronnie Biggs, William Rees-Mogg — and his own father, Bruce Reynolds, who masterminded the Great Train Robbery. "When you die, you look amazing. All tension is released from your face. Ideally, I would get to them while they were still warm” (3,500 words)

How To Cook A Direwolf

Rachel P. Kreiter | Eater | 22nd August 2022

Food occupies a fraught position in fan culture. Cooking dishes mentioned in Game of Thrones is a way enjoying the show, but when the maker is a professional chef with fans of her own, it gets complicated. "If everything is fandom, then a restaurant can be, too. Elizabeth did not just attract fans; it has fans. With its networks of symbols and signature dishes, it is its own IP" (8,934 words)

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