Evolving Power

Braille Is Alive, Well, And Ever-Evolving

Sophia Stewart | Millions | 21st July 2023

Far from being superseded by new technology, the Braille system of tactile reading and writing is in more demand than ever. The publisher profiled here does brisk business producing manuals and menus for companies like Starbucks, as well as publishing more literary material. Reading with Braille, according to many blind people, allows for a more immersive experience than alternatives (1,500 words)

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The Power Of Smaller Countries

Veronica Anghel | Eurozine | 24th July 2023

The Ukrainian resistance to the Russian invasion has finally discredited the idea that the interests of "great powers" supersede those of small states. By fighting to win the war and insisting on support from the US and the EU to do so, Zelensky has changed the geopolitical game. To capitalise on this, wealthy nations will need to invest not only in the war but in Ukraine's reconstruction (1,960 words)

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