Eyes Theft

The Pervasive Problem Of Tree-Theft

Lyndsie Bourgon | Literary Hub | 23rd June 2022

A wave of tree-poaching is sweeping North America. In Missouri a man was charged last year with cutting down 27 walnut and white-oak trees. In New England the primary victims are cherry trees. In Kentucky bark is stripped from the slippery elm for use in herbal remedies. Americans may have have grown increasingly alert to the protecting of fauna, but flora lag far behind (1,600 words)

New Eyes

Charlie Lee | Paris Review | 7th June 2022

Notes on migraine. It feels as though the pain arrives through the eyes, that the pain is somehow caused by light coming in through the eyes. "An unexpected flash is all it takes. It begins with a spell of blindness, my world tunneling down to black. The pain comes soon after." Would it be worth losing one's eyes, or getting a new pair of eyes, in order to be spared the pain of migraine? (2,000 words)

On the safe use of your eyes
While light through the eyes
Can cause a migraine
Insight through the eyes
Only brightens the brain
So might it be wise
More fine insights to gain...?

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