Fall Lie

How To Fall Down A Rabbit Hole

Alden Burke | Syllabus Project | 31st October 2023

Practical guide to how to indulge curiosity and become sidetracked more often. "The beauty of the rabbit hole, and the warren you create by falling down it, is how it activates your curiosity to generate new, reflective pockets of information and knowledge. And the better you become at 'finding', the more portals emerge, and the farther you get from a complete sense of having found" (1,620 words)

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How Often Do You Lie?

Christian B. Miller | Conversation | 26th October 2023

Research has shown that people on average tell 1.08 lies per day, but that figure is likely skewed by "frequent liars". The studies cited here paint a surprisingly honest picture of their participants, with "the small number of rampant liars" accounting for the majority of deception. Still, the medium makes a difference: lying on video chat is more common than lying face to face, for instance (1,130 words)

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