Fountain Land

Recently, The Browser has experimented with two fiction projects, Death In Davos and We Trade With Ants. If you read either of those projects, or have thoughts about future Browser fiction, please do share with us here.

Lessons From A Fountain Pen Addict

Anthony Newman | UK Fountain Pens | 24th March 2019

Wise words from a stationery aficionado, who has spent thousands on writing implements and inks. Pen brands have personalities too, and it will save you a lot of money if you work out early on which ones align with your own. Don’t be sucked in by the promise of limited editions. Remember that the ink and the nib impact the writing experience too; if a pen feels off, it might not be the pen (2,200 words)

Never-Again Land

Hunter Dukes | Public Domain Review | 6th February 2024

A decade before he created Peter Pan, J.M. Barrie was inventing reasons to give up smoking. In My Lady Nicotine from 1890, a protagonist who greatly resembles the author documents the harm that nicotine has done him. “He felt frequently like he was dying; realised several oriental rugs could be purchased with the money saved; and delayed his marriage when his fiancée demanded cessation” (820 words)

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