Genomics Perfected

The Past And Future Of Genomics

Razib Khan | Palladium | 17th November 2023

Genetic science has transformed our knowledge of human history in ways that we have yet to digest fully. Parts of the newly-revealed historical record are inspiring: We can claim Neanderthals and Denisovans as ancestors. Other parts confirm our worst fears: "Human nature was bloody, brutal, and typified by genocide. This is the legacy we inherit, but it is not the legacy we need to replicate" (4,300 words)

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Any time someone achieves success in a way they don't want to admit publicly, they have to come up with an excuse for their abilities. That’s a carrot problem.

How Starbucks Perfected Autumn

Ian Bogost | 15th October 2023

Starbucks pioneered seasonal drinks with Eggnog Latte in 1986 and Peppermint Mocha in 2002. But Pumpkin Spice Latte, launched in 2003, was in a league of its own. People loved fall, they associated fall with pumpkins – and who wanted to eat actual pumpkins? The attribution alone was enough. "The drink was not flavoured with the mere taste of a dessert, but with the fundaments of fall itself" (720 words)

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