Magic Folio

Magic Carpet Ride

Emma Aars | Vestoj | 15th November 2023

A Norwegian living in Scotland is politely baffled by the UK's fondness for carpet. "How they clean these floors is still a mystery to me." More used to "insulated houses and woollen socks", a floor that cannot be wiped clean seems bizarre. The carpets of Glasgow's Mitchell Library fascinate her, though, their exuberant designs a mournful tribute to the city's defunct carpet industry (2,120 words)

Stealing Shakespeare's First Folio

Alicia Andrzejewski & Carole Levin | CrimeReads | 13th November 2023

We don't know where all the extant copies of the First Folio are. The missing ones have likely been stolen, such is its value to elite buyers. Thefts of the original 400-year-old printing are relatively common — there were three dramatic heists in the 20C alone. One thief arrived for his trial in a silver stretch limo and insisted on using Shakespearean English throughout the court proceedings (2,950 words)

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