Golden Seed

Golden Girls

Eman Naseer | Vestoj | 17th May 2024

On the eve of Partition, Nusrat, the author’s great-grandmother, hid all her gold in a makeshift utility belt sewn around her pregnant belly, and took her six children on a perilous journey to Lahore amid looting, pillaging mobs. Eventually, this jewellery was passed down to her daughters and granddaughters — an enduring practice among South Asian women, who own over 11% of the world's gold today (2,200 words)

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Little Seed: A Field Guide To Grieving

Wei Tchou | Virginia Quarterly Review | 14th May 2024

“At the time of my brother’s first psychotic break, I knew nothing about ferns but that I had one and it was dying. The Victorians believed that ferns were a blessing of courage. Modern interpretations are more foreboding. To dream of tracing the fronds of a fern, winding through their fractal divisions, their obsessive symmetry, can indicate a deadening of pleasure: anxiety, a premonition of illness” (8,400 words)

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