Internet Brain

Finding Language In The Brain

Giosuè Baggio | MIT Press Reader | 25th November 2022

Mathematical systems are useful for understanding language, but perhaps language is itself also a system for computation. If so, then it would follow that language is the "software" being run by human "hardware" — that is, the brain. "The language-as-calculus idea may well be the best model of language in the brain we currently have — or perhaps the worst, except for all the others" (1,495 words)

I Don’t Want To Be An Internet Person

Ginevra Davis | Palladium | 4th November 2022

Reflections on online vs "real" life, told via an encounter with someone who is "cool on a certain corner of the internet". "The internet people are in charge. They make the memes and coin the neologisms that will become mainstream discourse in five years. To define the internet is to form the base layer upon which all culture is built. In the long run, these people will win" (4,176 words)

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