Just Inequality

Just Live

Galen Strawson | Dublin Review Of Books | 1st February 2024 | U

What is the meaning of life? Centuries of answers to this question suggest that life, existence, itself, is the source of that meaning. "All experience of Meaning, meaning in life, lies in the quality of experience in the present moment. Certainly you can enjoy thinking narratively about yourself; that’s one thing you can do in the living moment of experience. But there are many other things" (4,700 words)

Inequality Without Class

Simon Torracinta | Dissent | 22nd May 2024 | U

The world has never been more interested in the causes and effects of inequality, yet the economists in this field today "have had strikingly little to contribute beyond the merely observational". The book reviewed here offers some satisfaction away from the "perpetual seesawing" between blaming market or society for the great divide, but does so at the expense of clarity (3,000 words)

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