King Bambi

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Was King Arthur A Real Person?

Joshua Hammer | Smithsonian | 23rd August 2022

The question posed in the headline remains unanswered, but the journey is nonetheless a delight. The legend's flexibility is responsible for its enduring appeal. "The interesting thing about the Arthurian legend is that it has periods of both ebb and flow... It’s able to be moulded to fit with current preoccupations, such that it can find applicability no matter what the mood of the moment" (4,954 words)

Bambi’s Mum Had To Die

Daniel Kalder | UnHerd | 31st August 2022

Eighty years on, Disney's 1942 film Bambi is held in high regard. Soviet director Sergei Eisenstein found it impressive and it was Walt Disney's own favourite. Its characters "live animal lives centred around birth, death, rutting, raising children, finding food and dodging predators" and once Bambi's mother dies, she stays dead. There is no uplifting return as a benign spirit or guiding star (1,607 words)

If Bambi's mother isn't coming back to be a guiding star, we'll have to find our own guides. Fix your literary navigation, for a start: let The Browser guide you to five outstanding articles, a video and a podcast every day.

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