Kripke Calendar

Obituary: Saul Kripke

Jane O'Grady | Guardian | 21st September 2022

Saul Kripke began speculating on the nature of God at the age of three and had read all Shakespeare by the age of nine. His Naming And Necessity was "one of the major philosophical works of the 20th century". He argued that words could not have "correct" meanings, and calculations could not have "correct" results, because the ultimate rules of mathematics and of language were arbitrary (1,900 words)

How Does The Jewish Calendar Work?

Julia Métraux | JSTOR Daily | 19th September 2022

The Jewish calendar for High Holy Days reconciles monthly lunar cycles with the solar-based, year-long Gregorian calendar. The key to the calculation is that the number of days in 19 solar years equals the number of days in 235 lunar cycles. The "larger arc" of the Jewish calendar thus follows a 19-year cycle, comprising 12 ordinary years of 12 months each and 7 leap-years of 13 months each (890 words)

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