Lake Emoji

Lazarus Lake

Tyler Cowen | Conversations | 20th September 2023

On the basis of this conversation, Lazarus Lake seems like the nicest person in the world; and yet he designs endurance races which can look to the non-runner like pure sadism. His most notorious creation is the Barkley Marathons, a 60-hour run in Tennessee which only 17 people have completed in almost 40 years. "If they don’t find their way out in a couple of days, we’ll go look for them" (8,000 words)

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One From Nippon | 21st September 2023

The word "emoji" combines the Japanese words for "picture" and "letter". Emoji grew from a ❤ symbol popular on 1990s Japanese pagers. A lone coder drew the first emoji set, based on manga. Japanese telecom firms developed rival protocols, then agreed to standardise. Masayoshi Son persuaded Apple to add emoji to the iPhone. Emoji can have different meanings inside and outside Japan (1,746 words)

Not fluent in emoji? There's still plenty of old fashioned alphabetical text around. Let us point you to the best: the full Browser sends five outstanding articles daily, plus a video and a podcast.

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