Theoretical Fire

The Method Of Theoretical Physics

Albert Einstein | Philosophy Of Science | 2nd April 1934

Philosophy Of Science is marking its 90th anniversary by ungating classic articles from past decades, including this warning from Albert Einstein about the wishful thinking of theoretical physicists: "To the discoverer in that field, the constructions of his imagination appear so necessary and so natural that he is apt to treat them not as the creations of his thoughts but as given realities" (2,300 words)

Fire And Fury And The First Amendment

John Sargent | LitHub | 20th September 2023

The publisher of Fire And Fury, Michael Wolff's tell-all book about the Trump administration, recounts how President Trump's attempts to suppress the book turned it into an immediate best-seller. The initial print-run was 90,000 copies. "By Tuesday, the original publication date for Fire And Fury, we had ordered 1.5 million books in twenty-two printings at five dif­ferent printers" (3,100 words)

Trump never tried to suppress The Browser. But we still think it's worth a read. Get five outstanding articles daily, plus a video and a podcast, for less than $1 a week.

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