Living Largest

A Living History Of The Paper Airplane

Sarah Wells & Jennifer Leman | Popular Mechanics | 9th August 2023

Paper planes have a surprisingly broad scientific application. They helped early engineers perfect designs for aircraft, but they are also used today by fluid dynamicists to understand aerodynamics, the nature of lift, and to improve drone capabilities. Launching paper planes from space no longer seems like an eccentric ambition; an astronaut has already volunteered to make the throw (2,425 words)

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The World’s Largest Landowners

Madison Trust Company | 13th June 2023

Who owns the most land? Unsurprisingly, King Charles III and the British royal family tops this visualisation with a collection of property that amounts to one-sixth of the world's surface, including 90 per cent of land in Canada. The Catholic Church, multiple Australian sheep and cattle ranchers, a Chinese megafarm, a Russian forestry company and an Inuit people also appear on the list (1,140 words)

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