Logical Man

Logical Fallacies

Amanda Ruggeri | BBC Future | 10th July 2024

Field guide to bad arguments. Being able to spot them is the first step to defeating them. There are seven types: the appeal to ignorance, ad hominem attacks, the slippery slope analogy, the straw man, the appeal to authority, the false dichotomy, and whataboutism. Their use does not necessarily mean the point is wrong; merely that its maker is resorting to underhand tactics to try and win (1,400 words)

A Man Apart

Alan Prendergast | Westword | 16th January 2024

Profile of James Sabatino, America's loneliest prisoner. He is held in the highest security wing of the US's most secure prison. He exists utterly alone but is always watched via cameras in the cell. He is only allowed phone calls with his stepmother and his lawyer. Why? He is not violent, but rather an expert con man with a record of running multi-million-dollar scams from behind bars (3,600 words)

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