Loved Please

Eugene Debs Really Loved Bicycles

Eugene Debs | Jacobin | 17th August 2023

In 1895, the US trade unionist had high hopes for the socialist potential of cycling. "The bicycle, not the medical profession, will triumph over disease. The wheel is on the trail of Consumption and will overtake and vanquish the remorseless destroyer. Men and women and children will all ride the bicycle and the enrapturing panorama of nature will no longer be forbidden glories" (335 words)

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Next Slide, Please

Claire L. Evans | MIT Technology Review | 11th August 2023

History of the corporate presentation. The first audio-visual slideshow at a sales meeting occurred in 1948. It created an entire industry of slide projector specialists. Then came the 1984 revolution: Microsoft Powerpoint. Its instigator didn't stick around to see it become the "shorthand for the stupefying indignities of office life". He retired and became expert in antique concertinas (2,800 words)

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