Lucky Troy

In Search Of Troy

Joshua Hammer | Smithsonian | 22nd February 2022

Update on the archaeological excavations at the site of the ancient city of Troy, on the Aegean coast of modern Turkey, celebrated in Homer's Iliad. The site was first identified and excavated — some would say looted — by the 19C adventurer Heinrich Schliemann. But recent exploration reveals a city much bigger than previously thought, and perhaps among the oldest on Earth (5,200 words)

I Feel Lucky

Adam Williams | Real Life | 22nd February 2022

What's with that button below Google's search box that says “I’m Feeling Lucky”? Practically nobody uses it; but if you do, you will find that it takes you directly to the top result for a given search term. It's a relic of the days when Google was quirky and search was fun. "The feature persists as a puzzling characteristic that gives an otherwise familiar sight a minor, unassimilable mystique" (1,300 words)

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