Make Paint

Watching Paint Dry

Ed Conway | Material World | 3rd February 2023

History of car paint in the 20C. Interesting throughout. When production began on the Model T, it took much longer to paint a car than to make one. Better paint was critical to a faster assembly line. Now robots do the painting and custom "printed" designs are not far off. Getting better at making more hard-wearing yet ever faster drying paint is "a microcosm of human achievement" (2,943 words)

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How Do I Make Up For My Lost Years?

Ayesha A. Siddiqi | 28th September 2021

Sensitive and thought-provoking response to a question from a 30 year old who fears that, thanks to years of severe depression that is only now being treated, they have wasted their life thus far. "I recommend against speaking about time as if it’s something that can be budgeted, that would imply we know how much we have. If there are ways to waste it, surely regret is one of them" (1,588 words)

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