Mississippi Stagnation

Unleash The Mississippi

Boyce Upholt | Hakai | 12th July 2022

The Mississippi — the massive river which drains "32 US states and two Canadian provinces, from Alberta to New York to New Mexico" — has for centuries been restricted to suit commercial interests. Now, its ecologically vital delta is facing unprecedented land loss. One proposed solution is artificially to free the stream's course — which could have unintended consequences of its own (5,628 words)

No Great Stagnation At Guinness

Will O'Brien | The Fitzwilliam | 4th August 2022

Admiring profile of Guinness, older than the Irish State and almost as central to Irish culture. Founded in 1759, Guinness has survived famine, mass emigration, a civil war and two World Wars. It has grown as a global brand thanks to constant technical improvements in its flagship stout, and to advertising which used to claim, until science said otherwise, that "Guinness Is Good For You" (3,100 words)

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