Moonlight Scream

Mating By Moonlight

Gwynne Hogan | The City | 29th May 2024

The horseshoe crab is not a crab but a living fossil. It has existed unchanged since before dinosaurs walked the Earth and has more in common with spiders than other sea creatures. Their blood is used to test vaccines. Every spring they migrate to the beaches of the eastern US to lay their eggs in the sand. And every spring, a team of NYC volunteers leave their desks to count the crabs (1,200 words)

I Have No Mouth And I Must Scream

Emma Kostopolus | Unwinnable | 31st May 2024 | U

The Tamagotchi: harmless 1990s toy, or the cause of deep psychological scarring? Unlike most games, the object is not the player's survival but for the player to keep another being alive. Rather than being at the mercy of the game's mechanism, its survival "hinges entirely upon the length of our attention spans". A Tamagotchi teaches uncomfortable lessons about personal responsibility (800 words)

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