Moore Pickle

What $500 Means To Zinida Moore

Elly Fishman | Chicago | 26th September 2023

Assessment of an aid experiment in Chicago, in which participants received $500 a month with no strings attached (akin to a universal basic income). This single mother of three with two jobs found that the money did not change her life for good, but it allowed her to clear debts and improve her credit score to the point where steps like a mortgage became feasible for the first time (4,510 words)

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India’s Pickle People

Ruth Dsouza Prabhu | Al-Jazeera | 29th September 2023

On the practice of preserving food as heirlooms. Thirty-year-old preserved lemons are not unusual in some Indian households, blackened and salted. They can be eaten alone "or with a little sugar to cut the saltiness, mixed into breads like parathas or diluted with buttermilk". Some believe they have probiotic benefits, but in order to last unspoiled all microbes must be eradicated (1,170 words)

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