Oil Rigs and Emotions

Divorce Does Funny Things

Tabitha Lasley | Paris Review | 9th November 2021

Conversation with an Aberdeen oil-rig worker, in which the merits of various rigs are compared: “The Charlie has got the most people on it, and only a tiny wee gym. The Bravo is bad for arseholes”. The physical dangers and psychological hazards of rig-work are also discussed — "On the Delta a man filled his pockets with tools and jumped off the side” — giving rise to the otherwise orthogonal title (1,760 words)

?: Edgar Gerrard Hughes On Emotions

The Browser | Uri Bram | 14th November 2021

The author of The Book Of Emotions talks to The Browser's Uri Bram. "A lost emotion would be something like acedia. It's a feeling that fifth century monks in North Africa used to have. They'd be sitting in their cells, meditating and praying, but then a complete languor and listlessness would come over them all of a sudden. It's an afternoon slump with a very intense spiritual crisis attached" (3,114 words)

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