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The Failed Saint

Jason Christian | LA Review Of Books | 21st January 2024

Orwell is sanitised in public memory, despite his flaws and contradictions. He wrote candidly of bullying subordinates and hitting coolies as an officer in Burma, but such details are often omitted in retellings. His radical honesty did not take the form of "weepy confessionals", and was instead informed by a deep pragmatism: if he had to sacrifice his reputation in service to an insight, he would (3,900 words)

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Look, it's a book. It's not like other books. There's no real way to describe it without ruining the surprise, you might have to take a chance.

The Early History Of The Channel Tunnel

Peter Keeling | Public Domain Review | 10th January 2024

On the many unsuccessful 19th-century efforts to build a tunnel across the English Channel. In 1856, Thomé de Gamond proposed a double-track railway tunnel with ventilation shafts, steel shields and lighthouses lining the route. The challenges, ultimately, were not of engineering or geology but politics — the project failed due to fears that the tunnel would present a military weakness (5,900 words)

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