Shallows Music

In The Shallows

Becca Rothfeld | Yale Review | 18th September 2023

There is a tone of condescension detectable in the writing of many public intellectuals, it is argued here, especially in the fields of self help and philosophy. This makes it less readable, not more. "To write as if your audience is made up of your intellectual inferiors is not to make philosophy 'accessible', but rather to render it, however inadvertently, snobbish and alienating" (1,360 words)

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How To Discover New Music

James Hadfield | Psyche | 15th November 2023

In this age of "absurd musical abundance", it is easy to get trapped in a sonic loop of convenience that stays close to familiar artists and songs. Seeking out sounds that are new to you is worthwhile work. Use radio station playlists and algorithmic recommendations. Follow up film soundtracks that catch your ear. And if in doubt, find a record shop and flip through the racks (4,260 words)

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