Skin and Witches

A Meditation On Psoriasis

André van Loon | Spectator | 27th November 2021 | MP

Brief but information-packed review of Skin, an essay on psoriasis by Sergio del Molino, who suffers from the condition, as, apparently, did Josef Stalin, John Updike, Pablo Escobar and Vladimir Nabokov. Del Molino "slowly guides us into his world of intense physical discomfort; most treatments of psoriasis only deal with its symptoms, rather than healing its immunological causes" (670 words)

?: The Night Witches

via The Viewer | Carter Dishman | YouTube | 23rd November 2021

A story that would make a great movie: Wearing hand-me-down male uniforms, an all-female squad of Soviet soldiers flew plywood planes ("certified death traps") into Germany, without instruments to guide them through the darkness. "The sound of the wind on their canvas wings supposedly sounded like a broomstick flying through the air"—hence the moniker, the Night Witches (8m 18s)


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