Strike Ivory

Sinister Strike

Lior Lefineder | 18th June 2023

Why are 8-12% of humans left-handed, given that left-handedness is in many superficial ways a disadvantage? Perhaps because left-handers can make good fighters and sports players; they can take right-handers by surprise. "The common custom of a handshake, likely invented to present peaceful intentions by showing the dominant hand is not carrying a weapon, fails with lefties" (1,090 words)

Will you read The Browser right-handedly or left-handedly? Doesn't matter. No handiwork needed to enjoy five outstanding articles, a video and a podcast daily.

Chasing The Ivory-Billed Woodpecker

Lindsey Liles | Garden & Gun | 1st June 2023

The ivory-bill was last sighted in the United States in 1944, and is now on the point of being declared extinct, though devotees believe that a few survive in Arkansas. "Perhaps the ivory-bill was just too beautiful. With a sweeping suit of black and white feathers, dramatic crests in electric red on males and ebony on females, and a long pearly bill, its aspect inspired awe in all who encountered it" (4,400 words)

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