Swift Mystery

Three Children And A Mystery

Giles Tremlett | Guardian | 28th March 2023

Masterpiece of story-telling. Three small children are abandoned at a Barcelona railway station in 1984. Fortune smiles on them. They are adopted and raised in a happy Spanish family. Still, they have faint memories of their earliest years: They lived in Paris; their parents had money, fast cars and guns. Were their parents gangsters? Why the abandonment? They begin looking for answers (6,200 words)

Jonathan Swift On Jonathan Swift

Tyler Cowen | Conversations | 29th March 2023

Tyler Cowen invites an instance of artifical intelligence to assume the persona of satirist Jonathan Swift (1667—1745) and give an interview. Technically, the result is a tour de force. This AI-Swift could be a human actor perfectly conversant with Swift's life and work. I doubt that an actual conversation with the historical Swift would have resembled this at all; even so, it is awe-inspiring (6,200 words)

Here's a swift mystery for you: who stole the other three articles, the video and the podcast from this edition of The Browser? The swift solution: me. Sorry. But you can enjoy the full edition every day when you sign up for The Browser.

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