Toxic Hummingbirds

Toxic Gaslighting

Sharon Lerner | ProPublica | 20th May 2024

3M, the company of scotch tape and N95 masks, has produced at least 100 million pounds of the chemical PFOS, and has known for decades that it accumulates in humans. Studies have linked PFOS to liver malfunction, increased infectious diseases, and vaccine ineffectiveness. 3M “have not admitted wrong­doing or faced liability for producing forever chemicals or for concealing their harms” (9,000 words)

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Hummingbirds Are Wondrous

Zito Madu | Plough | 17th May 2024

The things we know, and might not know, about hummingbirds: they are the smallest living birds in the world, of which the bee hummingbird is the smallest at two inches. They can fly forward, backward, up, down, and in zigzags. Hummingbird plumage has more colours than all other bird species combined. “They seem as if they were made in an instant, a spark of genius from an extravagant god” (2,200 words)

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