Werewolf Dictators

No Exit For Dictators

Branko Milanovic | Global Inequality | 28th October 2023

Game theory. Why tyrants rarely go quietly. "Assume the ruler plays an annual game in which he asks himself: 'Am I better off if I retire now, or if I commit another crime which will make my retirement next year more difficult but my rule this year safer?' The answer is simple. He is better off committing another crime in the expectation that this will make his overthrow less likely" (1,300 words)

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A Werewolf On The Moon

Phil Plait | Scientific American | 27th October 2023

Given that werewolves present as wolves when the moon is full, i.e., fully lit by the sun, what happens to a werewolf on the moon, or in lunar orbit? A lunar day lasts two Earth-weeks — lots of wolf-time. A lunar satellite orbit takes two hours, half in light and half in dark. A lycanthrope would transform every hour. "In the enclosed volume of a small station, this would undoubtedly lead to mayhem" (1,670 words)

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