Why Mexico

Why A4?

Ben Sparks | Spektrum | 24th August 2022

A sheet of A4 paper measures 210mm by 297mm. Why? Because math. Fold an A4 sheet in half and you have an A5 sheet with the same height-to-width ratio. For a rectangle to preserve its proportions when folded in half (or unfolded to double its size), its height-to-width ratio must be the square root of two — a number that defies exact expression, but 210mm x297mm is a fair approximation (1,345 words)

Maradona In Mexico

Brian Phillips | The Ringer | 10th August 2022

Epic appreciation of the chaotic genius of Diego Maradona, and in particular of Maradona's second goal against England in Mexico City in 1986, the "goal of the century", when he jinked the ball past the entire England team before scoring. "Everyone else out there is fighting gravity and physics and time, the way we’re all fighting them. Maradona is orchestrating them. They’re on his side" (7,500 words)

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