Greek Quartet

Shakespeare's Greek And Latin

Tom Moran | Antigone | 26th May 2022

Shakespeare knew his Latin and Greek. Belief to the contrary arises from one of literature's great misreadings. When Ben Jonson said of Shakespeare, "Though thou hadst small Latin and less Greek", he was using "though" to mean "even if". Jonson was saying in verse that Shakespeare outshone the greatest of Greek and Roman dramatists, not that Shakespeare was ignorant of them (2,900 words)

Video: Quartet For The End Of Time | Simon Russell | Vimeo | 3m 46s

Animation developed in collaboration with Marcus du Sautoy to explore Olivier Messiaen's complex relationships with mathematics, music and religious belief.

Audio: Hegel's Philosophy Of History | In Our Time. Melvyn Bragg and guests discuss Hegel's thesis that history measures "progress in the consciousness of freedom". Do we enjoy more freedom than our forebears did? Can we ever reach the "end of history", a Hegelian term borrowed later by Fukuyama which signifies a utopian future in which people feel perfectly and irreversibly free? (53m 24s)

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