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[2]Ultimate Sunblock
David Roberts | American Prospect | 7 May 2010
Geoengineering offers at least two plausible remedies for climate change:
shielding earth against sun's rays, pulling carbon dioxide out of air. But
how can science on this scale be managed, regulated?

[3]Black Storm Rising
Anonymous | Economist | 6 May 2010
Comprehensive overview of causes, effects of BP disaster, with
counter-intuitive conclusion: "The immediate carnage that an oil spill can
wreak does not normally lead to lasting environmental damage"

[4]BP Drills Itself Into Deep Water
John Gapper | FT | 6 May 2010
BP blames past mismanagement, but Deepwater looks "ominously like the
future" of big oil. Offshore drilling pushes the limits of technology.
making "periodic, shocking failures" inherent part of work

5.[5]Tea Party Jacobins
Mark Lilla | NYRB | 6 May 2010
Excellent essay on new American populism. "It appeals to petulant
individuals convinced that they can do everything themselves if they are
only left alone, and that others are conspiring to keep them from doing just

[6]What We’re About To Receive
Jeremy Harding | LRB | 7 May 2010
Huge essay on food supply and demand. May be shortfalls ahead, thanks to
increasing world population, rising living standards, climate change. But
government action would be unpopular. Voters don't want austerity

[7]Golden Age Of Middle Eastern Westerns
Abou Farman | Bidoun/Utne | May 2010
"Every time an actor turned his back, the dubbers, freed from any obligation
to sync, would throw in some slangy insults: 'corpse washer', 'stinking
vulture'. During gunfights there was always time for philosophizing"

[8]How China, India Sabotaged Climate Summit
Tobias Rapp et al | Spiegel | 5 May 2010
Terrific scoop for Spiegel. Tapes of 25-leader backroom summit at which
Copenhagen climate-change summit broke down. China refused binding
commitments. America yielded to Chinese intransigence
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