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_[2]Maverick Up-ends Colombian Politics
Simon Romero | NYT | 7 May 2010
Sparkling profile of Green presidential contender Antanas Mockus, "a quirky,
unpredictable mathematician who murmurs in French about arcane philosophical
concepts and wears a chinstrap beard"
_[3]Close Encounters Of The Weird Kind
Jerry Coyne | Why Evolution Is True | 7 May 2010
Short, funny, scientifically-sound account of neanderthal genome, and why it
makes news: "It conjures up pictures of hairy, beetle-browed neanderthals
shagging individuals that looked much more like us"
[4]The Need For Speed
Michael Duffy | Sydney Morning Herald | 8 May 2010
Fantastic piece of crime reporting. Has everything: drugs, beatings,
motorcycle gang called the Nomads, whistleblower whose wife was gang-boss's
"nanny, cleaner, and tester of amphetamines"
[5]Hanging Around
Will Davies | Potlatch | 7 May 2010
British political parties offered similar platforms, resulting in confused
vote. "Any democratic choice is arbitrary, and ambivalence—of the kind
expressed last night—is the most honest answer"
[6]Investment Outlook
Bill Gross | Pimco | May 2010
Withering attack on credit-rating agencies, and the "sordid, nonsensical
role they performed in perpetrating and perpetuating the subprime craze".
Even in normal times they are timid, slow
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