Newsletter 3

Hic sunt camelopardus: this historical edition of The Browser is presented for archaeological purposes; links and formatting may be broken.

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___[2]Alan Watkins Obituary
Michael White | Guardian | 9 May 2010
Memoir of political columnist offers beguiling slice of Fleet Street
history. Watkins filed hand-written copy up until his death. Once
interviewed Michael Foot by telegram. And coined the phrase, "chattering
_[3]"Immoral Hazard" Of Greek Debt Deal
Arvind Subramanian | Peterson Institute | 6 May 2010
Maybe it's right to bail out Greece, but IMF shouldn't also bail out banks
that bought Greek debt for profit. "Heads the banks win, tails much poorer
taxpayers thousands of miles away pick up the tab"
[4]A Lesson On Elementary, Worldly Wisdom
Charles Munger | USC Business School | 1994
Granted, it's 16 years since Warren Buffett's right hand delivered this
speech. But it's a timeless classic, moving in a great arc from truths about
the world to truths about stock-picking
[5]That Pill You Took? It May Well Be Theirs
Natasha Singer | NYT | 7 May 2010
Biggest prescription drug company in America doesn't advertise or brand.
Israeli-owned generics maker Teva isn't much about science, it's about
quality control, logistics, low prices and "corporate frugality"
[6]Crisis Comes Ashore
Al Gore | New Republic | 8 May 2010
BP spill horrifies, because damage is tangible. But it's a tiny part of the
problem. Global pollution produces an equivalent of Deepwater, unremarked,
every three seconds
[7]Oil Spill Insights
"Shelburn" | Oil Drum | 8 May 2010
Outstanding. Industry insider's commentary on BP blowout. "The most
effective spill cleanup is a violent storm. In Alaska, we found areas prone
to heavy storms were essentially clean after one winter"
[8]Clegg's Options: A Decision Tree
Tony Curzon Price | Open Economy | 8 May 2010
Game theorist maps choices available to Clegg. His best course: "a deal with
Tories with inbuilt failure, so Lib-Dems can return to a PR negotiation with
other parties in 9 months"
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