Newsletter 104

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Writing Worth Reading

* [2]Afghan Votes Come Cheap
   Ron Nordland | NYT | 17 September 2010
   And you can buy them wholesale. Brokers collect voting cards within a
   community, auction them. For next parliamentary election, typical price
   is $5-6 per vote.
 * [3]Our Man In Palestine
   Nathan Thrall | NYRB | 17 September 2010
   Well-informed report on work of US military mission supporting
   Palestinian security services in West Bank, as means of countering
   Hamas, propping up prime minister Salam Fayyad
 * [4]How I Sexed-Up "The Lady"
   Rachel Johnson | Daily Mail | 17 September 2010
   New editor tries to modernise venerable "journal for gentlewomen". Cast
   of characters includes Boris Johnson, Joan Collins, Antonia Fraser,
   Dowager Duchess of Devonshire
 * [5]Dominican Republic Or Bust
   Claire Berlinski | City Journal | 17 September 2010
   Postcard from Haiti's other half, "an oasis of heaving bosoms, tropical
   breezes, brightly colored birds, salty food, beer, merengue, and the
   happiest-looking German sex tourists I’ve ever seen"
 * [6]Tales From Melbourne Writers' Festival
   Brad Dunn | Outlet | 16 September 2010
   Beautiful piece of informal writing, on a reading by DBC Pierre.
   "Melbourne is the hipster capital of Australia. The audience was made up
   of equal quantities of irony and fixed gear bicycles"
 * [7]Lars Johnson Has Goats on His Roof
   Justin Scheck & Stu Woo | WSJ | 17 September 2010
   Wisconsin restaurant keeps goats on roof, registers trademark, sues
   look-alike. "Defendant has willfully continued to offer food services
   from buildings with goats on the roof"
 * [8]Common Misconceptions
   Anonymous | Wikipedia | 17 September 2010
   Napoleon was not unusually short. Mussolini did not make the trains run
   on time. Marie Antoinette didn't say "let them eat cake". Vikings didn't
   wear horns. And dozens more
 * [9]Secret Messages In Industrial Design
   Frank Swain | Guardian | 17 September 2010
   Short, entertaining post explaining what all those lines and
   crosshatches signify on television test-cards, printer test-sheets, bar
   codes. And how to find your way across London by looking at satellite
 * Topic: God And The Vatican
   Essays and interviews on the economics of sainthood, the pope and
   globalisation, child abuse, and... [10]Continue reading...

[11]Today on FiveBooks: The History of Iraq

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