Newsletter 154

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Writing Worth Reading

[2]The Promise

Joe Posnanski | Joe Blogs | 10 November 2010
  If you like Bruce Springsteen, you will probably love this piece, about the
  making of "Darkness on the Edge of Town", and its missing masterpiece. Even
  if you don't like Springsteen, prepare to shed a tear

[3]Address To Corduroy Appreciation Club

Jesse Thorn | Put This On | 11 November 2010
  "Corduroy is a fabric built to take on the world. Tuck your corduroy
  trousers into your boots and feed the pigs. Roll up your corduroy sleeves
  and bring in the harvest". And beware the enemy: velvet

[4]What Killed Aiyana Stanley-Jones?

Charlie LeDuff | Mother Jones | 12 November 2010
  Amazing stuff from Charlie Le Duff, one of America's best reporters. Death
  of seven-year girl in Detroit police raid provides starting point for epic
  account of city's collapse into poverty, violence

[5]Obituary: P. Lal

Anonymous | Economist | 11 November 2010
  Wonderful portrait of Indian publisher who discovered Vikram Seth, Dilip
  Hiro, Anita Desai. Each of his editions "was bound in bright handloom cloth,
  and hand-stitched so tightly that it would open with a creak'

[6]Writer’s Writer’s Writer

Julian Barnes | LRB | 11 November 2010
  On the history and problems of translating Flaubert into English, "Madame
  Bovary" in particular. At least 15 versions published in past 120 years.
  Trend has been "away from smoothness and towards authenticity"

[7]MacIntyre On Money

John Cornwell | Prospect | 20 October 2010
  Philosopher says financial industry is intrinsically bad. Participants aim
  to transfer risks to others, without telling them. And keep rewards for
  themselves. "The better the trader, the more morally despicable"

[8]Courts Help Banks Screw Homeowners

Matt Taibbi | Rolling Stone | 10 November 2010
  Report from "rocket docket" court in Jacksonville, Florida, where banks
  repossess homes. Doesn't seem to matter if they've lost the paperwork, or
  faked it, or they've got the wrong house. Judge nods it all through

[9]12 Rules For Making A Good Publication

Alexis Madrigal | Atlantic | 11 November 2010
  Guidelines for an editor of The Atlantic, from an unknown mid-20th-century
  hand. Touching reminder of what a cosy place old media used to be. "Don't
  over-edit. You will estrange an author by too elaborate a revision"

[10]South Sea QE

Buttonwood | Economist | 11 November 2010
  Mischievous, worrying comparison of 18th-century South Sea Bubble with
  present-day quantitative easing. Money is created for the purpose of buying
  government debt. Short-lived wealth effect drives up asset prices

[11]Canadian Universities: "Too Asian"

Stephanie Findlay | Maclean's | 10 November 2010
  White Canadian students—as interviewed here—steer clear of universities with
  high Asian enrolment. Too much academic competition, not enough fun.
  Reasonable viewpoint, or thinly-veiled racism?

[12]How Baidu Won China

Brad Stone et al | Business Week | 11 November 2010
  Chinese search giant beats back Google. Censors search results at behest of
  government. Rigs results in favour of paid advertisers, allegedly. Hosts
  pirated content. Says it's not evil, just misunderstood

Topic: Soccer

Why do we root for underdogs? Is it OK to cheat? How can we make the game
  less boring for... [13]Continue reading...

[14]Today on FiveBooks: Steven Amsterdam on Worry

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