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Writing Worth Reading

[2]Who Killed Sir Harry Oakes?

William Boyd | Guardian | 13 November 2010

In 1943 the richest man in the Bahamas was bludgeoned to death. Who killed
  him, and why? And what was the involvement of a former British monarch?
  Author explains his fascination with the case, how he put it in a novel

[3]Stand Up For Courage And Conviction

Frank Furedi | Frank Furedi | 13 November 2010

Why is someone looking after a parent a "carer", not son or daughter? Why
  don't firefighters let bystanders help the injured? It's time to stop this
  bureaucratisation of everyday life, this undermining of public virtue

[4]How Sport Went Global

Simon Kuper | FT | 12 November 2010

Sports fans used to support local teams, but not any more. Cable TV
  globalised sport, concentrating spoils in tiny elite of western clubs. Never
  before have so many people around the world watched so few athletes

[5]China Buys Up World

Editorial | Economist | 11 November 2010

China’s state-owned firms on shopping spree. Let them buy. Sovereign wealth
  funds, loss of confidence in market models, brings rebound in state
  ownership. More China invests abroad, more it absorbs western values

[6]Obama Takes Asia by Sea

Robert Kaplan | NYT | 11 November 2010

India’s emergence as great Eurasian power constitutes best news for American
  strategists since end of cold war. Merely by rising, democratic India
  balances statist China. Indonesia a useful friend, too

[7]Shadow Scholar

Ed Dante | Chronicle Review | 12 November 2010

Ghost-writer of college papers tells all. "It's not implausible to write a
  75-page paper in two days. It's just miserable. I don't need much sleep, and
  when I get cranking, I can churn out four or five pages an hour"

[8]James Frey's Fiction Factory

Suzanne Mozes | New York | 11 November 2010

Writer of bogus memoirs bounces back with new project: fiction factory
  modelled on Damien Hirst's art workshop. Assistants write books, get 30%-40%
  of revenues. Frey does the polish, makes the sales

[9]Danger Of Cosmic Genius

Kenneth Brower | Atlantic | 13 November 2010

Freeman Dyson, academia's most celebrated, and otherwise revered,
  global-warming skeptic. Force-of-nature intellect. Genius in physics,
  mathematics, medicine. How can he be so wrong on climate change?

[10]I Think We Lost The Election

P.J. O'Rourke | Weekly Standard | 13 November 2010

Who won the mid-term elections? Career politicians. Which means that voters
  lost. Public interest best served when every seat in Congress is occupied by
  a competent person who doesn't want to be there

[11]Sleepless In Seoul

Tim Harford | Tim Harford | 13 November 2010

Jet-lag plays a bigger part in world affairs than we care to admit. Should
  the future of the world economy be decided by a group of men who, after
  flying to Korea, just want to curl up in a corner and sleep?

[12]Spheres Of Influence

George Packer | NYT | 11 November 2010

Review of essays by Tim Garton Ash. "He wants to live in a Europe where
  millions of believing Muslims feel welcome so that they don’t turn to jihad,
  and Hirsi Ali’s exacting standard makes it harder"

Topic: Soccer

Why do we root for underdogs? Is it OK to cheat? How can we make the game
  less boring for... [13]Continue reading...

[14]Today on FiveBooks: Forgotten Cold War Thrillers

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