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Writing Worth Reading


Paul Barrett | Five Books | 17 November 2010

Palaeontologist discusses and recommends books on dinosaurs.
  "Heterodontosaurus, a very cute early plant-eating dinosaur, was about the
  size of a Labrador. Would probably have made a good household pet"

[3]Taking A Shyne To Judaism

David Brinn | Jerusalem Post | 12 November 2010

Shyne was born poor in Belize. Found fame as American rapper. Jailed after
  gun-fight in New York nightclub, defending P. Diddy. Now he's a pious hasid
  in Jerusalem. And his father is prime minister of Belize.

[4]Let's Hope Her Prince Isn't Like His Dad

Julie Burchill | Independent | 17 November 2010

"Unlike the cute but dorky teenage Diana, Kate is fantastically well-groomed
  and gorgeously put-together. If only she'd aimed a little higher, she'd have
  made a top-flight air stewardess"

[5]Adapting To Climate Change

Bjorn Lomborg | WP | 17 November 2010

Potential rise of a few inches in sea levels provokes panic. But Tokyo, port
  city, has subsided 15 feet since 1930, and has coped. Humans are good at
  adaptation. It's not a long-term solution, but it buys time

[6]Royal Fairy Tales

Christopher Howse | Telegraph | 17 November 2010

Royal marriages have rarely gone smoothly. At least one partner has usually
  been unfaithful, or drunk, or Catholic, or German. That should not stop us
  wishing Prince William and Kate Middleton well
  [7]The Palin Network

Robert Draper | NYT Magazine | 17 November 2010

Unfocused but always interesting portrait of Palin during 2010 mid-terms,
  and the team she may use to run for president in 2012. Revealing detail on
  her decision to quit governorship of Alaska in 2009

[8]Socially Challenging

Anonymous | Economist | 17 November 2010

Prisons are packed with psychopaths. They are smart. They have no guilt or
  shame. They don't understand social contracts. Research suggests genetic
  basis. Is it an aberration, or a product of natural selection?

[9]Rehabilitating Cleopatra

Stacy Schiff | Smithsonian | 17 November 2010

Thoroughly engaging reassessment of Egyptian ruler. "She knew how to build a
  fleet, suppress an insurrection, control a currency. A genuinely powerful
  woman, she nonetheless survives as a wanton temptress"

[10]Rethinking Quarterback Stats

Mike Sielski | WSJ | 17 November 2010

NFL ratings assess passing but don't count rushing yards or touchdowns run
  in. Breathtaking all-round performance of Eagles quarterback, Michael Vick,
  makes this look outdated, irrelevant. New system required

[11]Diseases Of Affluence

Kevin Patterson | Maisonneuve | 15 November 2010

Surgeon contrasts bodies of rich and poor, prompted by internship in Afghan
  hospital. "Every loop of bowel was visible, unobscured by mesenteric fat,
  which, in Canadians, clings to every organ like yellow oily cake"

[12]Romain Gary: Au Revoir Et Merci

David Bellos | Telegraph | 12 November 2010

Delirious life of French intellectual. Born in Russia. Fought with De
  Gaulle. Diplomat. Popular novelist. Challenged Clint Eastwod to duel.
  Married Jean Seberg. Wrote hoax novel that won Goncourt. Suicide

[13]With Friends Like These

Anthony Cordesman | National Interest | 16 November 2010

US-Afghan rift widens. "It is far from clear that we are fighting the same
  war. For Karzai and those around him, the war now seems a struggle to stay
  in power and not one to create effective Afghan governance"

[14]Why Ajax Are No Longer Dutch Masters

Kieron O'Connor | Swiss Ramble | 16 November 2010

Great club of Cruyff and Neeskens, pioneer of "total football", is not the
  force it was. Astute and interesting analysis identifies the reasons, some
  common to Dutch football, others peculiarly specific to Ajax

Topic: Front-Line Detroit

Charlie LeDuff, Blogger John and others report on a collapsing city. "If
  you're not capable of... [15]Continue reading...

[16]Today on FiveBooks: Paul Barrett on Dinosaurs

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