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Writing Worth Reading

[2]If Chinese Growth Slows

Michael Pettis | China Financial Markets | 18 November 2010

Rest of world may suffer much less than feared from possible Chinese
  slowdown. If China's trade surplus contracts, this gives expansionary boost
  to other countries—as with Japan's stalled growth in 1990s

[3]Hitler’s Real First World War Story

Thomas Weber | OUP | 19 November 2010

Historian recounts discoveries in German archives that overturn Hitler's own
  version of his WW1 service. "Was Hitler a hero of his Regiment? No. Was
  anti-Semitism rife in the Regiment? No"

[4]Dogs Don't Understand Moving

Allie Brosh | Hyperbole And A Half | 17 November 2010

Beautifully illustrated account of moving house across America with two
  dogs—one simple and one neurotic. A delightful read, if you have a weakness
  for dog psychology. Otherwise, just enjoy the pictures

[5]Google And Money

Charles Petersen | NYRB | 18 November 2010

Review of books by Ken Auletta and Nicholas Carr. Useful one-stop read for
  catching up on net neutrality and online privacy debates. With a short
  history of Google and its business model thrown in at start

[6]God-Loving Linguists

Laura Spinney | Intelligent Life | 18 November 2010

American missionaries in Mexico founded "Ethnologue" as a ten-page
  mimeograph in 1951. Now it's the world's top database for 7,000 languages,
  many dead or dying. Still run by religious foundation

[7]Interview With Dominique Strauss-Kahn

Anonymous | Stern/IMF | 18 November 2010

IMF boss on financial crisis. It's not nearly over. "The next crisis is sure
  to come. When the banks have to be bailed out again, will taxpayers be ready
  to fork over the money once more? I have my doubts"

[8]On Birds

Jonathan Elphick | Five Books | 19 November 2010

Ornithologist discusses birds in science, art, literature, history,
  folklore, and recommends his favourite books in the field. Funny,
  surprising, often lyrical conversation, interesting throughout

[9]Estudando Tom Zé

Robert Christgau | B&N Review | 19 November 2010

In praise of Brazilian music's spiky elder statesman. "There's no one like
  him. The vaguely similar Captain Beefheart is a big baby having a tantrum by
  comparison. Zé is so much kinder, wiser, saner"

[10]Ireland's Reckoning

Suzy Hansen | Business Week | 17 November 2010

America was humbled by reckless securitizing of subprime mortgages, Greece
  by burden of misrepresented government spending. Irish have taken simpler
  road to ruin: enormous, unregulated bank lending

[11]Religious Excuse For Barbarity

Johann Hari | Independent | 19 November 2010

Halal and kosher butchery made sense in the sixth century when you needed to
  be sure your meat was fresh, No excuse for it in modern times. Just plain
  cruel. If this is religion, it doesn't deserve respect.

[12]Russia’s Cyrillic Cybernauts

Charles Clover et al | FT | 18 November 2010

No need for a Chinese-style "great firewall" to contain Russia's internet.
  Kremlin can just pick up the phone, and talk to, which went public
  this month, and which controls 70% of Russian page-views

Topic: Airport Security

A few things to read while you wait to be groped, probed, swabbed,
  backscattered, de-shoed, nude x-... [13]Continue reading...

[14]Today on FiveBooks: Jonathan Elphick on Birds

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