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Writing Worth Reading

[2]Challenge To German Liberalism

David Goodhart | Prospect | 17 November 2010
  Review of Thilo Sarrazin's book, "Germany Abolishes Itself", which claims
  Muslim  immigration is dragging Germany down. Book serious, relatively
  intelligent. Useful in promoting mainstream debate

[3]Slim Chance Of Success

Johann Hari | Independent | 22 November 2010
  When  even the Dalai Lama calls him fat, and the local KFC sends him a
  Christmas card. Hari realises it's time to lose some weight. Works out,
  sweats down from "obese" to merely "fat". Lovely stuff

[4]A Man Who Sings Like a Woman

Fernanda Eberstadt | NYT Magazine | 19 November 2010
  Fascinating profile of Philippe Jaroussky, counter-tenor. "The voice, a high
  girlish  tone produced using the outer edges of the vocal cords, is an
  acquired taste, on the knife edge between creepy and sublime"

[5]A Fistful of Dollars

Mac McClelland | Mother Jones | 21 November 2010
  Oklahoma Indian reservations have high rate of violent crime, little faith
  in police and courts. Many resort to vigilante justice. Profile of "Ruben",
  hit-man who charges $1,000 for each bone he breaks

[6]Secret Liaisons In The Middle East

Michael Luongo | GLR/Utne | 20 November 2010
  Writer  explores gay culture in Middle Eastern countries. "Our special
  condition oversteps boundaries, overcoming the political, religious, and
  social barriers that keep nations at war with their neighbors"

[7]The Case Against Health

Richard Klein | Chronicle Review | 21 November 2010
  More precisely, the case against joyless, moralising approaches to public
  health, as in America. How about a bit more fun? Bend an ear to Socrates,
  who said the secret of health was dancing every morning

[8]In China's Orbit

Niall Ferguson | WSJ | 18 November 2010
  China's resurgence ends Western global dominance. West led for 500 years
  thanks  to  rule of law, science, economics. When Japan imported these
  keystones in 19th century, power began to shift eastwards

[9]Leo Tolstoy, Thunderous Prophet

A.N. Wilson | Slate | 20 November 2010
  Reflections on centenary of death of Russian writer, moralist, national
  hero. "It is hard to think of any of the great public questions facing the
  world today that Tolstoy did not anticipate and address"

[10]R U Lovin’ Sarah’s Alaska?

Matt Labash | Weekly Standard | 20 November 2010
  Snarky review of Sarah Palin's reality-TV show. "That’s what going rogue is
  all about. Letting it fly. Following your gut. But there’s no compelling
  reason to suggest the rest of us should tag along behind"

[11]Beyond Understanding

Andy Martin | NYT Opinionator | 21 November 2010
  Not all philosophers are autistic. Or men. But there seems to be a strong
  correlation. Starting with Wittgenstein. And Russell. And Sartre. Perhaps
  some degree of emotional dysfunction is an asset here

[12]What Good Is Wall Street?

John Cassidy | New Yorker | 21 November 2010
  Big think-piece on what banks are for. Not much good to society since they
  got bored with financing industry, shifted to trading securities. Much of
  this a bit obvious, all of it too late, still a good primer.

[13]NATO’s Wager With Karzai

Ahmend Rashid | NYR Blog | 22 November 2010
  Stunning account of interview with Afghan leader. "Sea-change" in his views.
  "He no longer supports war on terrorism as defined by Washington. His single
  overriding aim now is making peace with the Taliban"

Topic: How To Write

How to write novels, screenplays, best-sellers, science-fiction. How to
  write like David Foster... [14]Continue reading...

[15]Today on FiveBooks: Barry Eichengreen on the Euro

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