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Writing Worth Reading

[2]Fethullah Gülen, Global Imam

Suzy Hansen | New Republic | 10 November 2010
  Jaw-dropping portrait of worldwide Islamic movement controlled by Turkish
  emigré living in Pennsylvania. Sounds like a cross between Scientology and
  Opus Dei. Supposedly benevolent, but worryingly opaque

[3]Seven Days In South Asia

Lionel Barber | FT | 19 November 2010
  Editor's notes on week in India and Pakistan. Meetings with Manmohan Singh,
  Asif Ali Zardari—"a man trapped in a bottle of scorpions". Conclusion: it's
  probably too late to save Pakistan from radical Islam

[4]How To Spot Secret Nuclear Reactors

Anonymous | Technology Review | 23 November 2010
  Equip supertanker with photon detectors. Sail it to coast of suspicious
  state. Sink it. See if it reports "telltale signs of undeclared antineutrino
  activity". If so, chances are there's a reactor at work

[5]Corporate Junket

Annie Lowrey | Slate | 22 November 2010
  Visit with Rapiscan, makers of nude-x-ray airport security scanners. First
  "a" is short. They're hoping to defuse row over invasive scanning with a
  software fix that strips anatomical detail from body images

[6]Taliban Leader Was Impostor

Dexter Filkins et al | NYT | 22 November 2010
  Nato organised secret Taliban-Afghan peace talks. Taliban delegation led by
  Mullah  Omar's  second in command. Nato gave him "a lot of money". One
  problem. He was an impostor. Now he's vanished. Laugh, and weep

[7]Trying To Understand Kanye West

Logan Hill | New York | 21 November 2010
  If your first question is, "Who is Kanye West?", read on. He's got George
  Bush's attention. And Barack Obama's. He's released the pop album of the
  year. And he's equal first with Lady Gaga for celebrity value

[8]Obituary: Norris Church Mailer

Anonymous | Telegraph | 22 November 2010
  Sixth wife of Norman Mailer, whom she called an "old, fat, bombastic, lying
  little dynamo". When asked, "Which wife are you?" she would reply, "The last
  one." Flirted with the young Bill Clinton

[9]Germany Could Kill The Euro

Gideon Rachman | FT | 22 November 2010
  Crisis continues. If Germans come to believe their Eurozone partners are
  impossible to deal with, they will pull the plug: by refusing to lend more
  money, or demanding treaty changes that others reject

[10]Who Killed Lebanon's Rafik Hariri?

Neil Macdonald | CBC | 21 November 2010
  It was Hezbollah, says this Canadian investigation. Mobile-phone use links
  killers to support network. UN has dragged its feet throughout, ignored
  evidence. Impressive if true. Powerful read in any event

[11]Greed And The American Business Model

John Kay | Open Democracy | 22 November 2010
  Prosperous economies are market economies. That doesn't mean they are driven
  by greed, deregulation. Even America isn't like that. Success comes from
  "disciplined pluralism", scope to experiment, innovate

[12]Beyond Reasonable Doubt

Essex Dogg | Tux Life | 18 November 2010
  Diart of jury service. Teenage boy on gun charge. One unreliable witness.
  Conflicting  evidence.  Should he go to adult jail for ten years? Jury
  deadlocked. Then comes the twist in the tale. Compelling read

Topic: How To Write

How to write novels, screenplays, best-sellers, science-fiction. How to
  write like David Foster... [13]Continue reading...

[14]Today on FiveBooks: Dr Patrick Porter on the Rise and Fall of America

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