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Writing Worth Reading

[2]Europe's Not-So-Sovereign Debt

Gavyn Davies | FT Blog | 30 November 2010
  Short, clear overview of EU debt crisis. Markets are belatedly pricing in
  the obvious fact that individual eurozone countries can't print more money,
  so they are more likely to default under pressure of debt

[3]How I Became A Con Artist

Jason Jellick | Salon | 29 November 2010
  Writer  describes  life of small-time scams, mostly involving abuse of
  retailers' return and refund policies. Also adept at getting into gyms
  without paying, getting upgraded in hotels. Seedy but addictive

[4]Eurozone Endgame: Four Scenarios

Peter Boone et al | Baseline Scenario | 28 November 2010
  Outcome  will  be a eurozone with much greater economic and regulatory
  integration. But how many countries will be left inside it? Four or five,
  perhaps. And with three or more sovereign defaults along the way

[5]Word: The Language Of Hip-Hop

Kelefa Sanneh | New Yorker | 29 November 2010
  Essay on rap lyricism, pegged to Yale's "Anthology of Rap", and Jay-Z's
  "Decoded". Distinctive quality of rap: turns words into music. Gradually
  getting respect it deserves, critical tools still evolving

[6]Murder! Intrigue! Astronomers!

John Tierney | NYT | 29 November 2010
  Was astronomer Tycho Brahe murdered by his assistant, Nicholas Kepler, who
  wanted to get his hands on Brahe's data? Or was the killer King Christian IV
  of Denmark, angry that Brahe was romancing his mother?

[7]Inside Boing-Boing

Rob Walker | Fast Company | 29 November 2010
  Tech and lifestyle blog, put together by small bunch of interesting people,
  is wildly popular, mildly profitable. Happy that way. Doesn't want to be
  Gawker. Lovely long read, especially for Boing-Boing fans

[8]Economists' Grail: A Post-Crash Model

Mark Whitehouse | WSJ | 30 November 2010
  Crisis has shattered many economic models. How to replace them? Soros-backed
  foundation funds 27 projects exploring new ways to make forecasts. More
  weight given to complexity, irrationality, psychology

[9]Bear: A Meat Worth Trying

Hank Shaw | Atlantic | 29 November 2010
  Why do Americans so rarely eat bear? Plenty of it about. Perhaps because a
  bear looks remarkably like a person, when skinned. But give it a try. Meat
  tastes "juicy, rich, earthy, and savoury", with a hint of yak

[10]Wikileaks To Spill Corporate Secrets

Andy Greenberg | Forbes | 29 November 2010
  Interview with Julian Assange. Says next big document dump will be internal
  archives  of a "major American bank". Big stockpile of other corporate
  documents. No more secrecy for companies, governments

[11]Tajikistan: Next Jihadi Stronghold

Ahmed Rashid | NYR Blog | 29 November 2010
  Taliban spilling over from Afghanistan into neighbouring Tajikistan, seizing
  valleys north of Dushanbe, regaining control of drug trade into Russia,
  establishing stronghold for advance deeper into Central Asia

[12]Information Overload, The Early Years

Ann Blair | Boston Globe | 28 November 2010
  Seneca complained he had to much to read, 2,000 years ago. Scholars feared
  the deluge of books when Gutenberg modernised printing. Now we complain
  about internet overload. But we, too, will adjust

[13]Somali Teen's Path To Jihad

Sudarsan Raghavan | WP | 27 November 2010
  Illuminating, sympathetic portrait of young, radicalised Somali. Grew up
  devout Muslim, thrilled by 9/11, joined Islamic militia, became a commander
  in al-Shabab. Now says he is anti-terror, but pro-Sharia

Topic: Wikileaks

Interviews with Wikileaks founder Julian Assange. Backgrounders on the
  Afghan and Iraq War Diaries... [14]Continue reading...

[15]Today on FiveBooks: David Lynch on Economic History

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